Meditative Mobiles


I sell by commission, at local art festivals, and exhibitions. I can create mobiles that will fit your space and desired color scheme. The approximate dimensions are measured as a cylinder, i.e., height and radius. The radius gives some idea of the clearance from vertical structures such as walls. The weight assists in determining the hanging method.

Media is aluminum sheet metal, acrylic sheet, wire (aluminum, coated aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel), and flat exterior latex/acrylic paint. Most mobiles are intended for protected installations and may not withstand weather conditions, i.e., rain and wind. Some can be created for outdoor installations, but will still need to be brought indoors during periods of severe weather.

All mobiles are delivered with a “birth certificate” that gives mobile details as well as instructions for hanging. A hanging kit containing hooks and monofilament line of a test force at least 10 times the mobile weight is also included.

Mobiles will be delivered locally within the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Otherwise, your mobile will be mailed via the USPS. The cost will be determined at the time of purchase. Major credit cards, PayPal, and Venmo are accepted for all purchases. The process is as follows:
  • Please view the examples in the gallery (this will continue to grow). Click on the images for mobile name, media, dimensions, and weight.
  • Email me at with your dimensional requirements (length and radius), style, and color scheme.
  • I will quote you a price and time for delivery.

Please note: Although I am very much influenced by the works of Alexander Calder, I and Meditative Mobiles (A Division of A.I., Art, and Music) have absolutely no affiliation with the Calder Foundation.